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Onboarding Reinvented: Crafting Memorable Customer Experiences

Company Overview:

A renowned steel manufacturing company, involved in the production of steel, a versatile alloy made primarily from iron and carbon. This company plays a vital role in supplying steel products essential for various industries' growth and infrastructure development. Adaptation to market trends, technological advancements, and sustainable practices are key factors for long-term success for the company. They make sure the steel they produce is good quality by testing it at every step of the process.


When customers expressed interest regarding the product, the company gave relevant information about it. After collecting all the information, the concerned person of the company initiated the onboarding process for documentation including contracts, agreements, application forms, or regulatory documents, manually. Then verified the customer. Presented the product on the basis of requirement & also provided training to customers if needed. It was such a long process and needed effort.


  • Loss of Document-Hard copy of any document was lost or misplaced.

  • Complexity-Process was complex and hindered the process.

  • Difficulty in tracking- As maintained manually, tracking was difficult.

  • Frustrated customer-As the process was very long, customers felt bored and got frustrated.

We Automatrix Innovation Pvt. Ltd. using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for customer on-boarding, can streamline and automate various tasks involved in the process. RPA bots can extract customer information from various sources such as emails, forms, or databases and put them in the ERP system. Verifies the document. Then RPA bots can send automated emails or notifications to customers at various stages of the on-boarding process. Also can send you the status of the stage of the process.



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Customer Satisfaction


Customer Satisfaction


Customer Satisfaction


Customer Satisfaction

How RPA Saving Time and Dimes?

How RPA Saving Time and Dimes?

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