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Companies face issues like inventory mismanagement, fluctuating demand forecasting, and time-consuming manual processes. That's where Automatrix comes in. Our solutions in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), & advanced analytics, help FMCG to streamline their operations. Our RPA systems take over repetitive tasks, freeing up the team to focus on strategic activities. Imagine having real-time inventory data at your fingertips, minimizing overstocking or stockouts.



Retailers often face challenges such as inventory inaccuracy, customer service issues, and the need for quick adaptation to market changes. Our RPA solutions ensure that stock levels are automatically updated, reducing the risk of overstocking or stockouts. Imagine a system that orders stock just in time, based on predictive analytics that understands buying patterns better than ever before. Advanced analytics give you insights into customer preferences, helping tailor the shopping experience to individual needs. This personal touch can turn one-time buyers into loyal customers.



The manufacturing industry often grapples with production bottlenecks, equipment downtime, and the ever-present pressure to increase output while minimizing costs. Our Automation and solutions helped traditional factories into smart facilities. We start by automating the mundane, allowing your skilled workforce to engage in more critical, value-adding tasks. Downtime becomes a thing of the past with our predictive maintenance tools, which alert you before breakdowns occur.



The mining sector presents its own set of challenges, from operational efficiency and safety concerns to environmental impact and regulatory compliance. We deploy automation to enhance the safety of your operations, removing workers from dangerous environments and replacing them with precision-guided machinery. Our advanced analytics can predict equipment failures before they happen, ensuring continuous operation and protecting your bottom line. Industry 4.0 solutions bring a new level of connectivity to the site, from the mine face to the market. Real-time data collection and analysis mean you can make informed decisions that affect your operation's efficiency and profitability.



Hospitals deal with patient data silos, scheduling inefficiencies, and administrative overload. Our suite of RPA and advanced analytics solutions tackles these challenges head-on. We streamline patient appointment scheduling and automate administrative tasks, allowing medical staff to dedicate more time to patient care. The accuracy of patient records is enhanced, and data is easily accessible, ensuring that caregivers have the right information at the right time. And with Industry 4.0 technologies, we're helping healthcare facilities become more connected and proactive in their operations.


Heavy Engineering

In the Heavy Engineering sector, complex project management, supply chain inefficiencies, and equipment management are persistent challenges impacting timelines and costs. Through RPA, we automate project management workflows, ensuring that the processes run smoothly and efficiently. Our advanced analytics provides deep insights into operations, allows to make informed decisions on resource allocation and inventory management. Our automation technologies make project planning more accurate, equipment runs at peak performance, and supply chains are optimized.


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