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At Automatrix, we see software as a powerful tool crafted by human hands and minds to solve real-world business challenges and unlock growth opportunities.

With over 25 years of experience, we've adopted a unique approach: prioritizing hands-on development over acquisitions and investing heavily in customer support and innovation rather than sales and marketing. This deliberate choice ensures that our solutions are tailored to meet our customers' needs, delivering genuine value and choice, including BI consulting.

In today's fast-paced business world, our commitment to thoughtful, customer-centric solutions sets us apart, driving success for businesses of all sizes.



Automatrix is more than just a software provider. As we're your business's operating system, forged through years of expertise and innovation. Our AI-driven solutions revolutionize operations, optimizing processes and boosting productivity. With a focus on customer needs, we offer transparent, flexible solutions that fit any budget. We're committed to not just keeping pace with the present but actively shaping what comes next. We're on a constant quest to harness forward-thinking solutions that anticipate the evolution of the market. Our team's proactive approach means we're always learning, experimenting, and refining our offerings to ensure they not only meet the needs of today but also unlock potential for the future. With an eye on emerging trends and a dedication to innovation, we empower your business with the tools and strategies that adapt to change, ensuring long-term relevance and success in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


At Automatrix, we're fueled by independence. Since we do not have any investor pressures, we stay true to our customers, focusing on long-term value. This freedom drives our fearless innovation, shaping every solution we create and every problem we solve. Together, we're forging a brighter, more connected future


We focus on building solutions that keep you a step ahead in the game. It's all about giving you the tools to outshine competitors. We dig into what makes your business tick and build from there—smart, practical solutions that work uniquely for you. That means you're always getting a great service, one that fits your business like a glove and sets you apart in the marketplace. With us, it's not just about keeping up; it's about leading the pack.

industrial automation consulting services
automation consulting


We believe that when we prioritize our customers' needs over profits, everyone benefits. That is why we have made a commitment from day one: no ads in our service line, no selling user information, and absolutely no third-party trackers on our websites.  Our approach goes beyond just service delivery; we've ingrained a customer-centric process into every aspect of our operations. This unique method focuses on proactively anticipating and addressing your needs, streamlining our interactions to ensure efficiency without compromising on personalized attention. It's about crafting an experience where your satisfaction is the benchmark for our success, ensuring that every solution we offer is as unique as your business. Our difference lies in how deeply we listen and adapt, creating a synergy that continuously evolves with your evolving demands, including industrial automation consulting services.


At Automatrix, we believe software should solve problems, not create them. That's why we offer flexible & scalable solutions primarily focusing on the subject matter & pain points. Our agenda has always been rooted in fairness and integrity. We understand that exorbitant pricing can create unnecessary fear and stress for our clients, which is why we've never subscribed to such practices. Instead, we believe in offering reasonable and transparent pricing that reflects the true value of our solutions. Our goal is to build trust and foster long-term relationships with our clients by providing them with cost-effective options that align with their needs and budgetary constraints. At Automatrix, our commitment to fair pricing underscores our dedication to putting our clients' interests first.

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Our Creative Founders.

Our visionary founders are on a mission to revolutionize businesses through digital transformation. With relentless innovation, we aim to digitize every organization seamlessly, empowering them to thrive in the digital age. Together, we're making impactful strides towards a future of efficiency and innovation.

Combining his expertise of multiple domains with new ideas to Guide the Organization to Success.

Kaushik Banerjee
Kaushik Banerjee


Leading with bold ideas with the expertise in different industries to make big changes happen.

Rumena Sarkar
Rumena Sarkar


Driven by Innovation, Guided by Experience

Fueled by a commitment to innovation, yet grounded in the wisdom gained through experience, ensuring our endeavors are guided by both forward-thinking creativity and practical wisdom

Driven by Innovation
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