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From Manual to Marvel: RPA's Impact on Report Automation

Company Overview

A leading manufacturing company is a global player in the manufacturing sector, specializing in the production of advanced technology products and components. This company Established in the year 1980. The company has built a solid reputation for excellence, innovation, and reliability in the manufacturing industry. Automatically they produce reports for regular analysis. It has a strong global presence with manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and sales offices strategically located in key markets worldwide. The company has continuously embraced cutting-edge technologies to enhance its operations and maintain its competitive edge. With a footprint spanning across India, the company strategically positions itself at the forefront of key markets, ensuring seamless access to its exceptional offerings for customers.


This company is a group company that collaborates with another 5 companies whose daily sales report is created by the manufacturer company and sent to its management on a daily basis within 9 am. In that case most of the time the resource to make the sales report is not available on time. Also all the companies use different applications i.e. SAP, Light House etc. The main challenge is to access all the sources & download all the sales dump of the last day and put it in a particular template and send it to the management on time. It was a very long process & really difficult for them to achieve. This process is tedious as well as prone to error. Also there was a gap in coordination as different people are involved in different processes. As human intervention was involved, generation of reports was time consuming.

We Automatrix Innovation Pvt. Ltd., by implementing Robotic Process Automation(RPA) for report generation can significantly improve efficiency, accuracy, and speed up the process. BOT access all the resources individually and download it. Then put the data of the different companies in one excel & save it on a daily basis with date and send it to the management within 9 am. The successful implementation of RPA not only streamline their operations but also positioned them for future growth and innovation in a competitive market environment.



Timely delivery of daily sales reports, expediting decision-making with swift automation.

Handles large sales data volumes, ensuring scalability and accurate handling of increasing report loads.

Increasing efficiency and minimizes error risks, reducing time consumption.

Ensuring a clear vision of sales.

How RPA Saving Time and Dimes?

How RPA Saving Time and Dimes?

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